Training: Legislative roadmap for banks in 2024

On January 25, the 2024 Legislative Roadmap for Banks for 2024 training was held, organized by the Digital Banking Academy. One of the speakers at the event was Wojciech Kapica, whose lecture was devoted to the implementation of reporting obligations to CESOP. The event was held in an online format.  Detailed program and description of the training: […]

DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization as a new form of organizational structure

Enthusiasts and all those who are interested in blockchain have a chance to read the latest comprehensive article, published on the PARP website. It describes the topic of decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) as a new form of organizational structure. From the article we can learn in particular: What is a DAO? What types of DAOs exist? How […]

Postgraduate studies in Cyber Science

There is no doubt that we are experiencing very rapid development in the field of new technologies. As a response to market demand, the postgraduate studies “Cyber Science. Tokenization and automation of processes in the digital economy. Legal, technical and managerial aspects”, at the University of Silesia in Katowice. As in the last academic year, […]

Webinar: PFSA (KNF) supervision – last call to prepare for loan companies

On November 16, 2023, Lendtech & Fintech Trends held a webinar on the most important changes related to the PFSA’s supervision. Wojciech Lugowski‘s presentation dealt with the issue of capital requirements for lending institutions. The event was organized by the Lendtech Foundation. Program:

Accounting and tax instructions

We would like to recommend to all those who are interested in the subject of taxes and accounting the new book position ‘Accounting and tax instructions’, published by C.H. Beck. The chapter devoted to AML/CFT procedures and the reporting of the beneficial owner was written by our lawyers – Wojciech Kapica and dr. Aleksander Szpojankowski. The book, […]

The UK legislature and executive of crypto in the UK

The UK legislature and executive are moving to tighten regulation of crypto in the UK which may impact an offshore environment around the world. UK insights for DeFi The last report “Regulating Crypto Fifteenth Report of Session 2022–23” published on 10 May 2023 confirms this scenario. The report is a result of Treasury Committee work, […]

To many doors open by MiCA

EU officials formally signed  Markets in Crypto Assets (MiCA) regulation into law on last Wednesday! The entire act counts 525 pages and we are more than ready to share with you some interesting tips on that. ( )   What next? 1) Publication in the official journal of the EU (shortly), 2) Entry into force […]

Negotiations at the Cyber Science postgraduate studies

New technologies are rapidly changing the world we live in. The postgraduate studies ‘Cyber Science. Tokenisation and Process Automation in the Digital Economy. Legal, technical and managerial aspects‘, at the University of Silesia in Katowice. The knowledge imparted during the lectures, exercises and workshops is invaluable, and Wojciech Ługowski, who led a workshop on Negotiation last […]

AML today’s challenges – safe tomorrow


On 20 April 2023, an AML TODAY CHALLENGES – SAFE TOMORROW training was held, with Wojciech Kapica as one of the trainers. The event was organised by Rzeczpospolita Konferencje and was held entirely online. W. Kapica presented his speech entitled. “What do the decisions of the GIIF and the KNF (Polish Financial Supervision Authority) to impose fines for AML/CFT […]