Commercial Contracts

General description

No matter how hard we try to perceive the reality around us, we will never be able to describe all its aspects. There will always be empty spaces or undefined areas to be found, also in law. Lawarton lawyers come to learn the broadest possible context of the law in force at a given time and fill in the blank with the right meaning. It is exactly this meaning that is so important to the interests of our clients and should inform future business relations.

How can we help you?

Draft agreement

The failure to implement uniform business documentation in your company, contracts included, can result in the procurement process being hampered and may expose you to the risk of using untested contractual solutions provided by your business partners. We deliver documents that will not only ensure the legal security and business credibility of your organization, but will also serve as the backbone of your future operations, allowing you to focus company’s resources on ongoing activity instead of fruitless disputes.

  • We will implement ready-made IT solutions (e.g. ERP class)

  • We will assist in IT implementation and contracts in any model (e.g. cascade or agile or any other) that is best suited to our client’s needs (e.g. SLA, licenses, WWW lease, smart contracts, software distribution, game dev agreement, other)

  • We will organize the sales process in the context of service or application documentation and terms of use

  • We will draft regulations for marketplaces, PaaS, SaaS, IaaS, mobile applications, etc., including consideration of specific consumer rights and the register of abusive clauses

Contract negotiations

Communication is the key to success, and even the best draft contract cannot be drawn up without the parties having properly communicated their needs and interests. Our task is to define the final shape of the contract that fully corresponds to the specificity of our client’s organization, industry, work methodology and requirements. That is why we are not satisfied with industry experience and knowledge shaped by years of serving as experts in our fields, but we constantly strive to learn about our Clients’ operations, recognizing their goals and business needs. This allows us to better understand the Client and the accompanying challenges before negotiations are commenced.

  • We will take care of the right negotiation strategy

  • We will prepare the business and legal aspects of the future contract for negotiation

  • We will ensure the participation of lawyers with industry expertise during the negotiation of key terms of the contract

Pre-contract analysis and workshops

Our strength lies in our knowledge about the specific sectors of the economy, the technology behind business processes and a combined 20+ years worth of experience in supporting our clients’ operations on a daily basis. For this reason, we are aware which solutions are acceptable to the parties before we enter into discussions about the shape of a future contract. For experienced clients who do not expect comprehensive support at every stage of designing the future contract, we offer assistance in determining solely the most important matters, which significantly speeds up progress in negotiations.

  • We will support in a recommendation specifying the scope of necessary analyses, implementations, updates and corrections necessary to secure the Client's interest during future negotiations

  • We will ensure the provision of written analyses, revisions or updates to existing documentation and contracts

  • We will respond to the current needs of the client

Our services in designing, negotiating or analyzing contracts can be provided in face-to-face workshops with clients, via teleconferences or cloud solutions, and by phone and email, in accordance with the needs of our clients and project requirements.

Examples of our achievements

  • Comprehensive advisory related to the client’s plan to offer payment services on the EU market, comprising: arranging internally with the client which model for cross-border provision of payment services is preferable, drafting documentation, negotiations with the headquarters of one of the 10 largest banks in the world, coordinating support from local legal partners, assistance in the service launch phase; the project was carried out in Poland, France and the Czech Republic.

  • Drawing up a software distribution contract for a developer and supplier of innovative IT solutions for the construction industry. The software offered solutions for inventory-taking and modeling of key technical and transportation infrastructure facilities with the use of AI tools involved in the processing of data captured by a drone.

  • Representing a client in negotiating amendments to the terms and conditions of a contract for the implementation and maintenance of an ERP-class IT system supporting the client’s business in the scope of finance and accounting, budgeting, payroll and planning systems; the contract was entered into as a result of a competitive process in accordance with the principle of competitiveness.

  • Drawing up a contract for the placement and operation of digital advertising media within a prestigious network of shopping centers located throughout Poland.

  • Drawing up an end-user license agreement (EULA) for a developer and supplier of innovative IT solutions in the healthcare industry, specifically addressing Real World Evidence.

  • Representing the buyer in the process of acquiring an organized part of an enterprise, i.e. a personal finance management platform based on a web application, including drawing up relevant contracts and documentation; the transaction covered a web domain, user database as well as IP, technical infrastructure and contracts executed with external service providers such as Apple, Google, and Facebook.

  • Negotiating the terms and conditions of an agreement for the provision of AIS-type services (account information services within the meaning of PSD2) via a Lithuanian payment service provider for our client.

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