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A correct response to the ever-changing legal and business landscape requires commitment, time and knowledge. Our lawyers have years of experience in implementing corporate governance, internal control systems as well as compliance management systems in the financial sector.


We have successfully supported our clients in establishing or optimizing compliance management systems, taking into consideration the scale, size and complexity of operations undertaken by those entities.


We offer our clients full legal support in auditing, verifying and defining necessary modifications to the existing compliance system, which constitutes a key element in mitigating statutory liability risk. For this reason, proper procedures and rules of recruitment, verification of employees’ competence, organization of institutions and specifically a properly functioning compliance system contribute to substantially reducing the risk of non-compliance with applicable laws and possible liability of a collective entity. At the same time, we are fully aware of the sensitive nature of processes and information involved in providing the services to your company; therefore, our compliance services are rendered exclusively by Lawarton lawyers who are under the obligation of professional secrecy, which guarantees the security and confidentiality of services performed.


As institutions are exposed to a significant risk of being held accountable for potential acts of their employees, subcontractors or business partners, usually undertaken outside their knowledge, investing in proper organization and compliance system is no longer a cost, but a necessity.

How can we help you?

In this field, we offer real legal support comprising:

  • crisis management operations, e.g. due to events involving public authorities (known as dawn raids),
  • drawing up a new or improving the existing internal CMS – compliance management system,
  • compliance risk management,
  • anti-corruption measures, based on ISO standard and WSE recommendations,
  • establishing internal systems for reporting irregularities or violations of laws, ethical standards or supervisory requirements, including managing internal investigations of detected irregularities (whistleblowing),
  • training concerning system operations to develop competencies needed to plan, implement, maintain, and improve the system,
  • developing gift/hospitality or sponsorship policies, including guidelines and measures preventing the establishment of financing cost mechanisms or the provision of financial and personal benefits, also with the use of company assets

Examples of our lawyers’ achievements:

  • Development of a whistleblowing system regulating whistleblower reporting,
  • Conducting training for a commercial bank on the organization of the compliance management system in accordance with Recommendation H issued by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority regarding the internal control system,
  • Drafting a compliance management policy, a conflicts of interest policy, a gifts and hospitality policy and a whistleblower policy for a brokerage house,
  • Carrying out an audit of the compliance management system in a commercial bank in accordance with Recommendation H issued by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority regarding the internal control system,
  • Advising a commercial bank on compliance management and on liquidity and interest rate risk management,
  • Carrying out an audit of a compliance management system in a manufacturing company,
  • Providing legal advice to a commercial bank on compliance management by developing a control model covering all regulations related to software development processes.

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