Investments in blockchain

General description

We advise participants in the blockchain investment process, whether individual or institutional investors or startups seeking funding. Our services cover the full spectrum of legal support, from fundraising to managing the collected capital and project management.

How can we help you?

  • Choosing a Jurisdiction

    We will help you choose the appropriate jurisdiction for your investment and fundraising.

  • Legal Support for Token Transactions

    We provide legal support for buying, selling, and exchanging tokens.

  • Token Offering

    We assist you in offering tokens through ICOs, STOs, IEOs, and other token-based financing models.

  • Legal Classification of Tokens

    We help legally classify tokens.

  • Regulatory Compliancepliance

    We ensure that projects comply with regulatory and compliance requirements.

  • Offering Documents and Investor Protection

    We prepare whitepapers and other offering documents and ensure the investor protection process.

  • Regulatory Monitoring

    We monitor the local and international legal and regulatory environment (including MiCA) throughout the investment process.

  • Implementing DeFi Solutions

    We support you in implementing DeFi solutions such as decentralized exchanges (DEX), lending platforms, or yield farming.

  • Legal Framework for DAO

    We help you create a legal framework for DAO.

  • Terms and Procedures

    We prepare terms and conditions (T&C), privacy policies, AML/CFT procedures, Client onboarding procedures, and transaction reporting procedures.

Examples of our lawyers’ achievements:

Raising Funds for DeltaPrime: A DeFi platform enabling low-collateral loans. The project required an analysis of regulations in several jurisdictions, including the EU, USA, and BVI. We provided comprehensive legal advice, facilitating external funding from investors and offering products worldwide (excluding sanctioned areas). We monitor and adapt the project structure to changing regulations.

Support in Token Issuance Process: We provided legal support during the Token Generation Event (TGE), preparing legal opinions regarding token qualification in the context of EU and BVI law.

Raising Funds from Global Investors: We handled pre-seed and seed funding rounds, providing comprehensive support, including investment modeling, tokenomics, pitch decks, negotiations with investors, and closing transactions.

Support in the Gaming and Blockchain Sector: We assisted in determining a jurisdiction that would facilitate fundraising, develop the project’s legal structure, and prepare contracts and regulations. We enabled our Client to expand globally.

Securing Additional Funding: Providing legal support for blockchain projects requiring further financial inputs from investors worldwide. The assistance included choosing a funding model, structuring the investment model, advice on tokenomics and pitch decks, negotiations with investors, and closing transactions.

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