Structuring of Business Processes

General description

Our multi-year experience in supporting the development of Polish and foreign entrepreneurs shows that neither perfect linguistic knowledge nor legal expertise are sufficient to provide legal advice at the highest level. Lawarton’s team responsible for structuring business processes is formed of a select group of experts who cooperate with us on a regular basis, aided by the competences of Lawarton’s managing partner. We are a team that transcends the boundaries delimited by particular fields of legal advisory so as to respond to the most complex needs of our clients and provide them with a dedicated service in the most comprehensive manner possible. Tax and economic consulting, accounting, dedicated IT solutions, outsourcing of qualified managers are only some of the areas in which a modern company operates. At Lawarton we know them all inside out.  

How can we help you?

  • We will help develop instruments of specific financial support based on banks, investment funds, private investors

  • We will be familiar with international relations and are able to recognize potential business contacts that are key for the development of your business

  • We will develop a health check report (a report on whether your operations are in compliance with the accepted standards)

  • We will carry out an evaluation of potential and implementing business simplifications

  • We will carry out outsourcing of the legal/regulatory/compliance function: we work as team members based on current knowledge of the organization

  • We will carry out outsourcing of management and operating functions: here too, we work like team members based on current knowledge of the organization

  • We will systematically identify and marginalize market risks to existing business processes

Regardless of the adopted model of cooperation and the selected scope of support, our lawyers will pass their knowledge to end users about the solution which was prepared from the ground up exclusively for your organization. As a result, your company will be able to make a smooth transition from project focus to day-to-day operations immediately after the project has been completed. Personalized training may cover not only your company’s statutory obligations, but also is conducted with particular attention to both the gaps identified during your company’s transformation and the new business environment.

Examples of our achievements

  • Wojciech Ługowski was the leader and coordinator of a project which involved the business and legal transformation of the business model applied by a group of companies (one of industry leaders) operating in the capacity of: ATMs provider, POS terminals provider, payment services operator, national payment institution (including acquirer).

  • Coordinating the project to migrate the client’s native token based on its own standard on the Ethereum network to the popular ERC-20 standard, with the use of innovative Ethereum Layer 2 solutions. The design and implementation of the token migration, which was the cornerstone of the client’s platform ecosystem with global reach and recognition, was one of the first processes of its kind in the world and required inter-jurisdictional cooperation among dedicated teams of lawyers and developers from all over the world (from Asia to Europe to North America), as coordinated by Wojciech Ługowski.

  • Comprehensive advisory related to the client’s plan to offer payment services on the EU market, comprising: arranging internally with the client which model for cross-border provision of payment services is preferable, drafting documentation, negotiations with the headquarters of one of the 10 largest banks in the world, coordinating support from local legal partners, assistance in the service launch phase; the project was executed in Poland, France and the Czech Republic.

  • Wojciech Ługowski, as a co-founder, co-created the legal and business structure of a private investors club, reflecting the syndicate investment model of the club participants, which resulted in establishing the largest professional Business Angels community in Poland.

  • Wojciech Ługowski as a member of the Golem Factory team serves as the legal counsel responsible for legal and business risk areas of the company that was the first in the world to deploy a truly decentralized supercomputer which created a global marketplace for computing power based on the Ethereum network.

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