Debate: Investing and fundrasing in web3 during a bear market

On 8 December 2022, another debate on investing took place this year. This time the keynote was ‘Investing and fundraising in web3 during a bear market’. Its participants were startup founders and investors, including Wojciech Ługowski. The event was organised by the Blockchain Alliance & Acceleration Hub. Topics covered during the debate: Jak wygląda aktualnie rynek […]

DevCon Bogota 2022

On 11-14 October 2022, we have attended another important event for the Ethereum, Blockchain and Crypto world. This time we flew to DevCon 2022 in Bogota! Wojciech Ługowski supports the Golem Network there in promoting their ongoing projects. Devcon is a global, regular meeting of the entire community of developers, researchers, thinkers and creators interested […] Meetup: Investments in innovations, startups and junior companies


The Meetup Conference and Exhibition is behind us. The participants of the debate, among whom was Wojciech Ługowski, talked about the development of startups in the blockchain industry and how to implement ideas in the crypto industry. – A great idea implemented by a poor team will always fail. If the product doesn’t defend itself, […]

Cryptocurrency World Expo 2022 Warsaw Summit


On March 9-10, 2022, Michał Szymankiewicz was a participant at the Cryptocurrency World Expo 2022 Warsaw Summit. At the event, he was able to find out the expectations of leading companies at the forefront of innovative token solutions, as well as to share his own experiences during backstage talks that concerned specific applications of the technology in […]