We are excited to see a development in the Polish cryptocurrency sector: the draft of a new law on cryptoassets. In our opinion, this is a step in a very good direction for our country and the industry.

Transparency and Security

The new law aims to introduce a clear regulatory framework for cryptocurrency activities, which is crucial to ensure security and trust in this fast-growing space. Regulatory transparency opens the door for investors and businesses to operate safely and predictably in the cryptocurrency market. Poland’s new crypto-assets law will be linked to MiCA (Markets in Crypto-Assets) regulations, which are part of a larger EU regulatory package for the crypto-assets market.

Innovation and Development

We are confident that clear rules will foster innovation and develop the local cryptocurrency ecosystem. The new law provides a certain foundation on which Polish start-ups and technology companies will be able to build and develop their new products and services that will exploit the potential of cryptoassets.

Positioning Poland on the international stage

By implementing thoughtful regulations, Poland has a chance to become an important center for the global crypto and blockchain community, attracting investment and talent from around the world. Polish blockchain startups will find it easier to grow domestically rather than abroad.

Dialogue between the public and private sectors

It is crucial here to continue the dialogue between the government and industry representatives to ensure that the law supports both security and innovation. We must boast that we are also contributing to this development, as Wojciech Lugowski and his team of lawyers specializing in financial and technology law, among others, participate in the MiCa FinTech Poland working group.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact Wojciech Lugowski.